MOMA clubs


MOMA clubs for mothers are established based on the project ideas. The main activities of these clubs are connected with support in search of employment, new opportunities of professional career and learning. The clubs also are mutual support groups, where mothers can help each other.

How mothers can help each other?

Mothers have different needs: some miss communication, others need understanding, support and advice, some need help in search for work, and others - just to change the surroundings, avoid closing within and to share life experience, skills and talents with other mothers.

Joining their forces in a moms club, engaging into familiar or new activities, mother can discover something important and useful, share the information available to them on job opportunities, discuss issues of raising children, or just relax in a cosy company and forget the routine.

What else can you do in MOMA club?

In clubs women can improve their profesional, psychologic knowledge and their communication skills, consult with experts and specialists. Working mothers can share their experience and skills with unemployed, advice them where to look for work and how to prepare for a job interview. You can also paint and draw in clubs, engage in handicrafts, read, teach children new games, sing, mould, sculpt, organize exhibitions, dance or just drink some tea and chat.


Would you like to start a club for mothers in Your city?

MOMA centre experts and volunteers can help you!
Please contact New Generation Women's Initiatives at:

Tilto st. 29,Vilnius
Telephone: (8 5) 2 611446
email: moma[@]