MOMA services

Consultations / Seminars / Trainings


Psychological training

1. Psychology of communication
2. Stress and coping with stress
3. Psychological crises and dealing with them
4. Family psychology
5. Child psychology.



1. Realisation of own professional competencies, strengths and weaknesses.

2. Management of time and money, psychology of money.



1. How to start a business?
2. How to set up a business plan?
3. What are business development opportunities at the time of crisis?
4. How to sell your handicraft products?
5. How to sell on Internet?


Legal training

1. Labour law, is application and recent changes
2. Legalisation of a small business:  company, individual activity, business licences
3. Basics of contract law: main factors while concluding contracts
4. Family law: marriage, divorce, maintenance and matrimonial obligations, relations of children and parents
5. Legal relations with foreign element.



1. Interior design
2. Jewellery and decorations
3. Creating hand-made toys
4. Revival of apparel.



1. Computer literacy
2. How to create a Website
3. Photography
4. English - the basics for a job interview.